Recoveries March 2013

Ringing updatesPosted by Peter Dunn Fri, March 15, 2013 07:48:14

March 2013


SV75607 6 19/02/2012 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181) (North Yorkshire)

VV 13/04/2012 Scarborough Harbour: 54°16'N 0°24'W (TA0488) (North Yorkshire) 9km NW 54 days

VV 25/02/2013 Auburn Sands, Bridlington: 54°2'N 0°14'W (TA1662) (East Riding of Yorkshire) 21km

SSE 1 yr 6days


LC71091 3F 24/10/2012 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181) (North Yorkshire)

R 20/01/2013 Longbridge Deverill, nr Warminster: 51°9'N 2°11'W (ST8740) (Wiltshire) 364km SSW

88 days


V988553 3J 22/06/2009 Heck Dale, Dalby: 54°15'N 0°41'W (SE8685) (North Yorkshire)

R 13/10/2012 Icklesham: 50°54'N 0°40'E (TQ8815) (East Sussex) 383km SSE 3 yrs 113days

Coal Tit

L815328 3 12/12/2010 Pocklington: 53°55'N 0°48'W (SE7948) (East Riding of Yorkshire)

R 23/12/2012 Staindale Lake: 54°18'N 0°39'W (SE8890) (North Yorkshire) 44km NNE 2 yrs 11days

Blue Tit

T740092 3 03/12/2011 Low Dalby Village: 54°16'N 0°42'W (SE8587) (North Yorkshire)

R 08/02/2013 Sawden Village: 54°15'N 0°33'W (SE9485) (North Yorkshire) 10km E 1 yr 67days

Tree Sparrow

Y373708 2 19/10/2011 Spurn Head: 53°34'N 0°6'E (TA3910) (East Riding of Yorkshire)

R 03/11/2012 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471) (East Riding of Yorkshire) 62km NNW 1

yr 15days

VV alive and prob healthy, ring or colour marks read in the field, not by ringer R caught and released by ringer

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