Ringing Returns April 2014

Ringing updatesPosted by Peter Dunn Tue, April 29, 2014 20:23:43


TA58977 3JM 15/10/2013 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181) (North Yorkshire)

X 19/03/2014 Flixton: 54°12'N 0°24'W (TA0479) (North Yorkshire) 7km WSW 155 days


L908779 3F 11/10/2011 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471) (East Riding of Yorkshire)

V 16/11/2011 Lommel: 51°14'N 5°19'E (Limburg) , Belgium, 485km SE 36 days Found in a cage by authorities and released the next day

X found dead V alive and prob healthy, caught and released, not by ringer

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