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Ringing updatesPosted by eyrg.co.uk Sun, October 30, 2016 19:22:00

Having such an open ringing site at Filey, we suffer from the wind blowing Jap and North Ronaldsay nets to one end so we have started to restock with Ecotone nets which are tethered on two shelf strings to prevent this. However these are expensive.

I have bought some nets from Merlin Ringing Supplies in the past which were made in China that I found to be too heavy for our general passerine use and better as a thrush net but absorbed water quickly.

Having heard Chris had a new supply and him telling me the new nets are tethered on two shelf strings I decided to buy three 12m (40’) and two 15m (50’) 70d mesh mist nets, which I aimed to use at Filey Bird Observatory.

Firstly I noted that the top and middle shelf strings were doubled and were tethered – best way to identify the top string as all the braided pole loops are black but well finished with metal clips.

When set up there is plenty of bag in each shelf and the 2ply 70dernier nylon mesh is soft and smooth and does not cling to feathers or absorb moisture

On the first couple of uses I trapped 50 birds ranging from Goldcrests to Blackbirds and had no problems extracting any from the net. When Greenfinch heads went through the mesh it seems easy to feed them back without the net sticking to the feathers as a fraction larger mesh that other nets (32mm). The nets had adequate bagging and strong enough to hold Blackbirds and fine enough to trap Chiffchaffs and Goldcrest.

Overall these are great value, very similar to Ecotone nets but as fine as NR superfine. The only difference I found was the bottom shelf was not finished off, with about an inch of loose net hanging below the string but this had no effect on the catching ability of the net and the cost!!!!!!!!

Available from http://www.merlinringingsupplies.co.uk/

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