Ringing Recoveries June 2017

Ringing updatesPosted by Peter Dunn Tue, June 06, 2017 14:28:22

Following received from the BTO:


DT03060 3 21/08/2016 Ythan Bridge, Ythan Estuary: 57°19'N 1°59'W (NK0125) (Aberdeenshire)

VV 29/01/2017 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181) 360km SSE 161 days

VV 05/02/2017 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181) 360km SSE 168 days

VV 08/02/2017 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181) 360km SSE 171 days


Z794557 3 15/10/2016 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181)

XF 08/04/2017 Walderslade, Chatham: 51°20'N 0°32'E (TQ7662) (Kent) 325km S 175 days


S480898 3 23/08/2016 Hollesley Heath: 52°3'N 1°26'E (TM3545) (Suffolk)

R 11/05/2017 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181) 267km NNW 261 days


JRD067 3 09/10/2016 Durlston Country Park: 50°35'N 1°57'W (SZ0477) (Dorset)

R 03/04/2017 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874) 414km NNE 176 days


CF53244 2M 08/11/2016 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471)

XF 10/02/2017 Derby: 52°55'N 1°31'W (SK3336) (Derby) 163km SW 94 days

XF found freshly dead or dying

VV alive and prob healthy, ring or colour marks read in the field, not by ringer

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