A few more from June 2017

Ringing updatesPosted by Peter Dunn Wed, June 21, 2017 20:28:36

Last two from the BTO, the first two from our own records:

Sedge Warbler

Z794604 4 07/05/2016 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181)

R 24/05/2017 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471) 17km SE 1 yr 17days


HET828 3J 27/08/2016 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181)

R 14/04/2017 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471) 17km SE 230 days


Y692552 3F 25/10/2016 Hundleby: 53°10'N 0°4'E (TF3866) (Lincolnshire)

R 28/03/2017 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471) 106km N 154 days

Lesser Redpoll

Z999955 3 15/10/2016 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874)

R 31/05/2017 Hauxley Reserve: 55°19'N 1°34'W (NU2802) (Northumberland) 156km NW 228 days

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