Interesting Recovery

Ringing updatesPosted by eyrg.co.uk Wed, January 18, 2012 11:12:18

Just recieved from the BTO

Snow Bunting

TR33359 N 3M 29/10/11 MST Buckton, East Riding of Yorkshire

S 0M 27/11/11 Heelsum, near Driel, Gelderland, Netherlands

(468 km, ESE, 29 Days)

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Recoveries July 2011

Ringing updatesPosted by eyrg.co.uk Fri, July 15, 2011 10:23:05

FR76261 6 06/05/2006 Flamborough Head (HELI), East Riding of Yorkshire

X 24/06/2011 Flamborough Head, East Riding of Yorkshire (5 yrs 49days)

Barn Owl

GF51837 1 20/06/2010 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874) (East Riding of Yorkshire)

XL 22/06/2011 Willow Garth, nr Thirsk: 54°14'N 1°23'W (SE4083)
(North Yorkshire) 77km W 1 yr 2days


ES53994 5 27/01/2008 Hunmanby, North Yorkshire

X 21/06/2011 Hunmanby, North Yorkshire (3 yrs 145days)


RK62634 3M 10/10/2010 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874) (East Riding of Yorkshire)

R 31/10/2010 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874 21 days

R 18/03/2011 Helgoland: 54°11'N 7°55'E (Helgoland) , , 528km E 159 days

Reed Warbler

ESI.HLO128 4 24/04/2010 Saint Lluis, Illa de LiAire, Menorca, Sp, Balearic Islands, Spain

C 19/08/2010 Potter Brompton Carr (1632 km, NNW, 117 days)

Willow Warbler

CBT266 3 08/08/2010 Watchtree Nature Reserve, Black Brow: 54°52'N 3°4'W (NY3153)

R 16/04/2011 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874) 201km ESE 251 days

X626495 5F 23/03/2010 Heck Dale, Dalby: 54°15'N 0°41'W (SE8685) (North Yorkshire)

XF 19/06/2011 Peterculter, Aberdeen: 57°5'N 2°16'W (NJ8400)
(Aberdeen) 330km NNW 1 yr 88days

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Recoveries March 2011

Ringing updatesPosted by eyrg.co.uk Mon, March 07, 2011 09:46:46

Recapture Received from the BTO March 2011


1ER56385 3 11/09/2009 Vipekarr, Hono: 57°11'N 11°39'E (Goteborg och Bohus) , Sweden

SVS R 02/10/2010 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471) 811km WSW 1yr 21days


CK90145 4 19/04/2010 Utklippan, At Sea, Baltic Sea: 55°57'N 15°42'E (Sweden) , Sweden

SVS R 27/09/2010 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874) 1031km W 161 days


L264165 3 28/09/2010 Buckton: 54°9'N 0°12'W (TA1874)

R 10/10/2010 Isle of May: 56°11'N 2°34'W (NT6599) (Fife) 271km NW 12 days


TK76271 3F 13/10/2010 Filey: 54°13'N 0°18'W (TA1181)

R 30/12/2010 Long Sutton: 52°46'N 0°7'E (TF4322) (Lincolnshire) 163km S 78 days

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New Blog spot

Ringing updatesPosted by eyrg.co.uk Wed, December 08, 2010 16:01:58
This is a new feature to the eyrg website for members to post anything regarding to ringing within our area. Be it a good or bad day ringing, any special species, or anything humerous. Please keep it clean as this is a public read site

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