Two More Returns

Ringing updatesPosted by eyrg.co.uk Tue, August 20, 2013 07:50:56

Great Tit

Y728562 5M 07/04/2013 Flamborough Head: 54°7'N 0°6'W (TA2471) (East Riding of Yorkshire)

R 20/04/2013 Spurn Head: 53°34'N 0°6'E (TA3910) (East Riding of Yorkshire) 62km SSE 13 days


L045729 3M 22/09/2010 Hundale Plantation, Cloughton: 54°20'N 0°26'W (TA0294) (North Yorkshire)

XF 02/07/2013 Cloughton, Scarborough: 54°20'N 0°27'W (TA0195) (North Yorkshire) 1km W 2 yrs 283days

XF found freshly dead or dying R caught and released by ringer

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